Reminders Before Closing

Getting ready to move to your new home is an exciting time, but in that excitement you may forget some important steps.

This list is here to make sure you get everything done and stay on track ! Your Barrie Real Estate Team is here every step of the way.


Make sure you …


Notify and Arrange

Bank – Make any changes to accounts and mailing addresses etc.

Insurance – Life and Home, address change, policy changes

Utility Companies – Change of address at closing and make arrangements that all hook ups will be done for your closing day (Hydro, Enbridge, Bell, Cable)

Lawyer – Call and make arrangements to meet, they may set up an appointment with you for your closing

School – Make arrangements if necessary for the new school that children will be attending

Doctor/Dentist – If you are moving into town make arrangements to have a new doctor/dentist set up

Moving Truck/Company – Make arrangements for the right time


Send Change of Address

Post Office – Give forwarding Address

Change of Accounts/Credit Card Companies

Subscriptions – Magazines, Newspapers, etc.

Ministry of Transportation – Have new photo portion of license redone with proper change of address


Other Reminders

Arrange Child and Pet Care for Moving Day if Required

Make arrangements for other household services grass cutting, snow removal, landscapers, defrost freezer, empty and clean out window cleaners, pool maintenance etc.


Moving Day – Celebration Day

Set Aside – Immediate and Important Items. Jewellery, Cash, Documents (House), Lightbulbs, Tools, Cleaning Products, Snacks and Drinks, Tylenol

Advise Movers – What is to be loaded into the truck or have it labelled

Children/Pet Transportation – Prepare for their Moving Day as well

Keys – Leave all keys with your Lawyer or Realtor

Last Check – Check all closets and cupboards and do the once over to make sure you have not left anything


Closing Day Celebration Day

Lawyer – You will receive title/deed from your lawyer, you will receive property keys from him/her unless other arrangements have been made, remember this may not happen until around 4:00 PM, check with them.