Making a Game Plan with your Realtor

Now that you have decided what you would like in a home and possibly the area, we can now begin your search.

When you decide to work with Your Barrie Real Estate Team we can take you to as little as 2 homes or as many as 10 homes on each visit. I simply leave this up to you and your schedule. Whatever time you have, along with at least 24 hours’ notice, I can arrange appointments immediately to view homes that have come out on our search criteria.

I also would like to mention that we, as an Agent, will not show you any homes that are out of your price range, we will zone into what is required and what best suits your needs.

Once you have found the home that you would like to purchase, we will determine pricing for that particular street and neighborhood and get some price comparables of sales. I will call the Listing Agent and obtain as much information as possible about the home and the motivation of the Seller’s. We will also acquire as much information about any concerns or questions on the area that you may have.

Now that we have all of this information in our hands we can determine what you would like to offer in an Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

Are you ready?
Let’s Go!

Working with a experienced Sales Team Elaine Sisti, Al Beacock & Rick Sisti will work with you each step of the way.