Home Buyer’s Tips

Buying a Home can be overwhelming, and knowing where to start may be questionable. The tips listed below are here to help you in the beginning of your journey and guide you along the way. Your Barrie Real Estate Team will help guide you through the Buying process.


1. Know how much you can afford

Why waste time looking at homes that are not in your price range.

2. Determine your down payments

This will allow you to calculate how much you need to borrow and establish a price point. Go over this with your financial specialist, this will let you know exactly what price you can buy in.

3. Get PRE-APPROVED for a mortgage.

4. Know where you want to live

Specify the area that appeals to you.

5. Decide what type of home you want to buy

Your Real Estate Agent can help you determine this by price ranges and making a LIST of your NEEDS and WANTS in a home.

6. Determine what you need in the home

Previously set out in a list, you can now narrow down specific things that you are looking for, remember this is the biggest decision that you will make.

7. Hiring the right agent

You want to work with someone that is knowledgeable and understands your needs. Someone that is working with you.

8. Make sure you and your agent have a game plan

Set a game plan of searching for the perfect home for you and your family, this means from start to finish what that agent will do for you and advise you on certain aspects of Home Buying.